Short Stories

Short stories have captivated me ever since I became interested in pursuing writing. Rather than being walked through the entire structure of a story, as we’re used to in novels, a short story is more like walking past a door and getting a glimpse inside. They’re snapshots, sepia-toned Polaroids of little worlds that are as mysterious as they are captivating. And I’ve tried my hand at them, and occasionally succeeded.

I’ve written all across the genre spectrum:

  • Science Fiction (my personal favorite)
  • Horror
  • General Fiction
  • Romance (Ha)
  • Fantasy

One might call me a Jack of All Trades, or just wildly unfocused. What I’m endeavoring to do is put these brief glimpses here (free of charge) to see what kind of reaction a readership of non-classmates, friends, and family might have.

I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to leave any and all kinds of feedback.


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