Ahoy there. I am a bit of a vagabond who enjoys dabbling in all sorts of literature. I like to read just about anything, and then I’ll tell you my opinion about it, and you will electronically nod your heads in agreement. I also have strong opinions about movies and all things pertaining to nerdism (gaming, comic books, and other past times that garner scorn from society at large).

Born and (mostly) raised in Buffalo, NY, I am also an incorrigibly devoted BIlls fan. Its led to heartaches, and lamentation, but every year I keep going back for more. I played a slew of sports at various levels of competition, and still like playing and watching and having opinions about them. Expect at least one extended Bills lamentation every year. That’s a warning. It’s going to happen.

I also spent a good portion of my life, including High School and college (UNLV…woo) in that sleepy, uneventful, relaxing city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, I’ve made my way back to the East Coast and live in the DC/Northern Virginia Metro area. Where I struggle fruitlessly against the traffic like the other millions of lemmings that live here. But its not so bad, there’s seasons, and free museums, and an awesome zoo (also free).

I’ve been writing for a while, sometimes professionally (Sports Reporter in LV), but mostly amateur for my own entertainment. The dream is to be able to write for a living. But until then, I’ll do a bit of living for writing. And sports. And geekery.

Thank you for stopping by, and don’t be afraid to say hello. I only look scary. I’m generally not.


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