A to Z Challenge – T (part two, concerning dinosaurs)


My theme for the A to Z challenge is Villain Archetypes.

Yes, 26 descriptions of some of your favorite villains of literature, TV, and movies.

April 23 – T is for Tyrannosaurs Rex *Special Edition*

So I did Tyrant for T, and it got me thinking about dinosaurs. Also the new Jurassic Park with talking Raptors and genetically engineered uber-killing apex predators “designed to be bigger than the T-Rex” (Oh Dr. Wu, how could you?) had me thinking about dinosaurs as well. And the question I have to ask is: When was the Tyrannosaurus Rex not enough? The T-Rex is my favorite dinosaur of all time, and one of my favorite bad guys (sort of, it does take out the Raptors and the slimy corporate fat cat, which are way worse). I applaud the Jurassic Park folks for employing it in two of the four movies made about it. And it’s also in just about every dinosaur movie, book, comic book, and television show.

But with the upcoming Chris Pratt-injected super-sequel, I can’t help but ask: when did the Tyrannosaurus become not enough? In JP’s one and two, he’s (and she’s) a feature villain, and even makes an anti-hero turn at the end of both. Why the hell did we have to break out the Spinosaurus for number three? T-Rex not big and scary enough? And now in number four we’re genetically creating an ultra-crazy, gives-no-fucks, not-real dinosaur? No Hollywood, no. If the Tyrannosaur was good enough for Steven Spielberg, it’s good enough for the rest of you.

So when we all shell out 10-15 dollars for all the summer blockbusters (Avengers first, then the rest), if part of your paycheck is going to watch Jurassic World, think of the T-Rex. He’s the reliable old antagonistic primal force that scared the living bejesus out of every kid (and their parents) with a cup of water and some clever bass play. No matter what Hollywood tries to do to one-up the poor old guy, he’ll always be the best. Vampires have Dracula. Robots have the T-1000. Comic book villains have the Joker. Dinosaurs have the T-Rex. Don’t forget him this summer, people. Don’t you dare.

Signing Off.


One thought on “A to Z Challenge – T (part two, concerning dinosaurs)

  1. Ha ha, love the special edition. It’s true though, the T-Rex is all the villain they need. Honestly though, I will be seeing this movie as it helps out that Chris Pratt is in it, but only guarantee movie I’ll see in the theater will be Avengers, can’t miss that on the big screen. You did give me something to think about while watching though 🙂

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