A to Z Challenge – B

BMy theme for the A to Z challenge is Villain Archetypes.

Yes, 26 descriptions of some of your favorite villains of literature, TV, and movies.

April 2nd – B is for Bad-Ass

Everyone’s favorite kind of bad guy. This is the archetypal villain that is just too stone-cold dangerous. Frequently, we see the bad-ass employed as an antagonist that completely dominates the hero, quite often in a one-sided physical confrontation (but it could be a battle of wits too) that takes place early in the storyline. Later we see the hero triumph over this villain as a means to portray how much the white-hat has improved, matured, learned etc. that now he can beat the imposing figure that crushed him early in his journey.
On the other end of the spectrum, this could just be a bad guy that’s “cool” but aloof and confident in his/her abilities. Again, this villain is characterized by possessing an impressive measure of skill, power, or prowess when compared to the hero. This villain is often employed or used by a larger, more over-arching antagonistic force or person, often as a bodyguard , mercenary, or other sort of hired gun, and can later become a sympathetic or even anti-villainous (think anti-hero but in reverse) figure late in the narrative.
Basically, these guys are awesome. When you find yourself secretly rooting for the bad guy, most of the time it’s because they’re a Bad-Ass. These characters are confident, powerful, and quite occasionally scene-stealers from the protagonists they collide with.
Famous examples: Severus Snape, Frank Chambers, Darth Vader, Bane, Lobo, Deathstroke (less so in the Arrow series), Deadpool (Yes, he was a villain first), Long John Silver. I’m omitting a ton, especially from Video Games (for the nerd-inclined) but that’s what I’ve got.
Signing off.


3 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – B

    • Yeah he’s ridiculous. I particularly like when he breaks the fourth wall. Feels like he’s talking to me. Which is probably not great for me, but it’s still fun.


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