A To Z Challenge – A

AMy first attempt at an April A to Z challenge. Essentially, I’m going to do one post a day for almost the entire month, starting with the “A” today, and ending with the “Z” on the 30th.

My theme for the A to Z challenge is Villain Archetypes

Yes, 26 descriptions of some of your favorite villains of literature, TV, and movies.

April 1st – A is for Anarchist

Webster defines an anarchist as “a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government,with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed.” Basically, these are the guys that want to take the wold apart for the sake of taking it apart, and don’t want to put it back together again

The Anarchist is one of the most oft-used and popular villains in all types of stories. Comic books in particular like using the anti-establishment tropes of the Anarchist to make a memorable villain. These baddies are sometimes not as pure evil as some other particular types of villains, and in other ways they can be the most evil. The range of this archetype is what makes it one of the most useful for writers, as you can make an anarchist relatable (maybe the system they want to break down is already corrupt, or there’s a tragic reason for their anarchist leanings) or completely irredeemable (“They just want to see the world burn”).

This archetype is also one of the easiest to employ as your antagonist. Often their motivations don’t need to be very strong, or even present at all. What makes them some of the most memorable villains of all time is their versatility and ability to focus on other aspects besides the “why’ of their personalities.

Some memorable Anarchists: The Joker (sometimes),The Creeper, Bane (only from Dark Knight Rises), Thomas Gabriel (from Live Free or Die Hard), Tyler Durden. I know I’m missing a ton, but these are the first few that spring to mind.


14 thoughts on “A To Z Challenge – A

  1. I think these are some of my favorite villains – particularly when they are attempting to destroy a flawed/corrupt system. One of my favorite anarchists is DInosaurus from INVINCIBLE by Robert Kirkman. My husband is a huge Kirkman fan, so we basically have all of his books lying around the house somewhere, but my hubby knows that whenever there is a Dinosaurus story he needs to bring it my way!


    • Oh Dinosaurus…I almost forgot about him. I loved Invincible I never quite finished the storyline. If you didn’t check out Astounding Wolfman, you should (though as Kirkman fan I’m probably preaching to the choir).


    • now, on the actual post topic, lol…

      are you familiar with D&D? if so, I think it would be neat to note what kid of Alignment each villain archetype may have. for example, I would say that your description of the Anarchist would probably be Chaotic-Evil or Chaotic-Neutral, depending on his intentions and goal.

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      • Definitely (and yes I have nerded to the D&D extent) Id say primarily chaotic evil for the villains with a handful in the more violent side of neutral.


  2. Very awesome topic for sure :). Super heroes are definitely a great interest to me and the types of villains out there will be quite interesting to read about. My favorite villain however doesn’t fit this type as it’s the Rhino from Spiderman.

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