I’m an Ordinary Guy…Burning Down The House! (Daily Prompt)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

My home is on fire! I can only grab five items (and all people and animals are safe). What do I grab?

Hmmmmm…Assuming I have the time, here’s what I’d take:

1) The Bookshelf – My dad built a wooden bookshelf for me when I was a baby, and I’ve had it with me, carrying my book collection, for as long as I can remember. No way I’d let this go in a fire. Realistically…probably not the best choice since I’d probably burn with it. But I’ve made the comment out loud that I want my coffin to be constructed of the wood from this bookshelf. Or at least to have it cremated with me. Either one. Morbid. Good start.

2) The Responses – I took 4 creative writing classes in college, and the responses I got from the other students and my teachers on my stories are things I treasure. I don’t have electronic copies…just the hard ones. And they’re in a big heavy box with a lot of other papers. Again…realistically and logistically not a great choice. But I wouldn’t want them burned in a fire. So I’d save them.

3) The Thumb Drives – I have all of my writing on these. The short stories, finished and unfinished. Anything I’ve ever written copied on a collections of thumb drives. I’d have to have these. The computer (where they’re also saved) is replaceable…but the thumb drives are not. Plus they are way easier to carry. So I’m 1-for-3 in practical decisions…hey, sounds like real life.

4) The TV – I have a 55″ Samsung that is basically the shining, phallic monument to my testosterone-fueled manhood. It is the one thing I always wanted but never asked for when I was a kid, because I knew we didn’t have the money. When I was finally old enough, I saved and got one. It’s not just the price-tag, it’s what it stands for that would make me save it. Also not very logistically intelligent…but more so than a bookshelf.

5) The Pin-Stripe Suit – The most recent of the prized possessions, it’s easily the most expensive article of clothing I own. And I can modestly say I look pretty good in it. Also, it was a gift. And a pretty awesome one. Also is a bit of a symbol of a big change in my life to something better than it was. In short, a special piece of clothing to me. It would be pretty easy to carry as well. So I’m 2-for-5 with practicality.

So there you have it, the 5 things I’d save from a fire. What would you risk life and limb for?


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