What About Birdman?


What About Birdman?

My one word review for Birdman: Glorious.

The End.

Just kidding. I don’t usually do the Oscar hype thing, but seeing a movie with Michael Keaton playing a washed-up actor who played a franchise superhero on the big screen…the beautiful layers of irony were too much to pass up. The SO and I found a small theater that was still playing it, and after a trek accompanied with white-knuckling levels of parking frustration, sat down for the fun.

I won’t spoil it for you, but I’ll tell you why you should see it: layers. Everything in this movie is layered, from the humor, to the tragedy, to the really dynamic all-in-one-shot cinematography. I may have used that word incorrectly. I definitely don’t care. It kept the movie-watcher in a state of semi-amusement from open to close, and managed to walk the line between artistic and damn funny without being too full of itself.

I’ve been a Michael Keaton fan since Beetlejuice and Batman, and he was the best damn Dogberry in the history of Much Ado About Nothing. Big sorries to Nathan Fillion, but it’s true. I was incredibly happy to see him back in the limelight and up for an Oscar, and if you take the time to see this film you’ll understand why. The quiet, reserved crazy he brings to a lot of his roles fits perfectly here. Every time Birdman’s gravelly voice starts narrating inside his head, you giggle internally. You just can’t help it.

So go see Birdman. It’s worth the $20 admission and then some. And that’s the highest praise I can give a movie.

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